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    gretchen kish

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    i am an experience strategist, service and product design lead.


    i inspire teams to push designs further through a holistic well-defined process. innovation is driven by deep understanding of full customer context. I lead with empathy and strategy to bring humanity to new technology.


    ultimately, well-designed products + services show tremendous respect for the humans who use them.

  • get visual!

    bring ideas into the real world for testing

  • co create and collaborate

    ideas become more powerful when built upon by others

    empathy mapping activity



    breakdown to breakthrough

    journey builder


    direct observation

    extreme user research

    business model canvas

    ecosystem mapping

    design sprint

    hero's journey

    experience lab


    5 e's - entice enter engage exit extend


    super powers



    data viz
    truth telling
    (research + insights)
    systems thinking
  • iot, wearables, service design

    preventing accidents before they occur.


    fatigue management solutions




    a gold mine in Argentina found 60% of accidents were caused by worker fatigue. the open pit site is located at 15,000 ft elevation: a low oxygen, high altitude environment that affects worker health, safety, and productivity.




    bridgecrest medical

    research to close the empathy gap


    we learned about mining operations and culture to design and implement a new system for fatigue management, using real-time health data.


    we designed a choreographed alert system that was empathetic to workers and effective for medical staff and management, service design and IOT brought together to increase safety.

    health advisories 

    via wearable and smart phone alerts



    miner sleep metrics and heart rate are now tracked with wearables. smart watch, mobile, and dashboard alerts are automatically triggered if worker fatigue thresholds are reached, before a shift begins and as shifts continue.


    workers, supervisors, and medical staff are alerted. workers are given the opportunity to sleep or assigned less dangerous tasks.


    workers become partners in health + safety



    we recommended a mobile data tracker for miners to monitor and manage their own health data in real-time on their smartphones. miners are provided training in healthy habits and sleep, enabling a healthy habit partnership with their employer.


    bridgecrest medical

    san franccisco

    acquired by ability wearables

    june 2017



  • the future of philanthropy

    social platform start-up leads the drive

    to a more compassionate world

    dual landing page

    from the earliest concept to latest landing page design. language, tone, photopgraphy, logo and branding., iconography, ux, ui.


    the promise of the site is connected giving. donors can connect to their values and longterm goals, donation history and join a platform for positive change; fundraises can develop long term relationships, promote expertise and impact, and communicate directly to interested donors, and shift thier focus from fundraising to measurable impact.

    early sitemap and problem statements

    how might we lead the drive to a more compassionate world?


    how might we enhance communication between donors and non profits, especially around impact?


    how might we leverage donor and non profit networks to increase reach and positive change?


    how might we make it easier for donors to be strategic and mindful about giving?


    bridging the empathy gap between donors and non profits. our research showed people really want to see who the non profit partners were, to decide whether to join Sumbon.

    tablet donor landing page w/scroll

    custom icons, bright colorful branding. value propositions for donors.

  • e-book search

    ux for a.i.


    stealth ai project, smart website for an online library of digital content, show c-level executives what is available and provide visual of books, ability to create custom book lists, personal library, wish lists, save for later, history, favorite books, authors, subjects.

    exploring classifications

    key features: infinite scroll, single call to action, search by title, author, subject, isbn. conversational tone, browsing feature, sliding tools follow browse, binary fiction/nonfiction multiple categories, preferences, history, and exclusions to aid search optimization.


    affordances and

    information architecture

    translucent book information window animates over homepage on book click, book details, another click takes you to ebook or synopsis, sliding toolbar stays with you to jump to search, settings, or book lists.

    removing distractions, 

    clear call to action

    cover art remains as you read details and synopsis of books for constant visual reference. call to action is clear, and draws attention.



    personal emergency responders

    promoting health, safety, and well-being

    for a new audience


    stigmatized brand

    invented in the 70s, personal emergency responders are essential products that save dozens of lives every day. they are widely recommended by doctors and medical staff. research shows they are very effective if used.


    our research showed widespread adoption has been prevented by the stigmata of old age, weakness, and vulnerability, associated with the devices





    clean fresh update

    pers are undergoing rapid product capability expansion with wearable technology and widespread adoption of mobile.


    a brand update needed to expand awareness and improve appeal to a much wider audience.


    a social network was designed to connect with caregivers, friends, family, and medical staff.

    new user groups 

    we reframed the product as a personal emergency alert system, for younger, more active users, and updated the product and apps with a fresh modern look.in the process transforming the perception pers are only for the aged. this brings empathy and safety to users, expands product market, and potentially saves more lives.


    mobile app, website redesign, social network, product development vision


  • cure for technology overload

    and urban stress

    adventure society

    "if you think adventure is dangerous,

    try routine; it's lethal"

    paulo coelho


    our research showed

    people want a greater connection

    to nature,

    the larger world,

    and each other.




    if you could redesign your life, might it include more exploring, more play, more adventure? less screen time?




    time + money

    are limiting factors



    adventure society



    a prescription for health,

    well being, and rejuvenation


    a social site to share tips on adventuring, plan an adventure, read reviews on adventures, information on the benefits to human health of play, nature and adventuring


    membership materials

    • ID card, stickers for your luggage and adventure planning guide,
    • local adventure recommendations in your own city/location for more frequent adventuring.
    • how to reorient your life around more of the experiences you want
    • how to go on an urban safari based on your interests.
    • how to bring more adventure into your life every day, every week, every year, every decade.

    go ahead, live a little. live a lot. play, adventure. find meaning and fulfilment. start adventuring. gain the perspective you seek.



    global service design jam

    san francisco

    march 2015




    go ahead, live a little.

    live a lot.

    play, adventure.

    find meaning and fulfillment.

    keep adventuring.

    gain the perspective you seek.

    design the life you want.

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